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Top Online Games 2021


Total Battle

Votes [2182]
Game Concept Total Battle is a game that has some strong base building and economy management aspects while also providing a rich and in depth battle simulation...

Vera Vegas

Votes [359]
The game principle The game principle of Vera Vegas is relatively simple. After you’ve signed up you get a substantial seed capital of 150.000 chips...
Principle of Darkmoon Realm Getting started with the free Darkmoon Realm is incredibly easy! It’s easy to get into the game via the game page, this is even possible without registration...
Game concept Strategy Combat, as the name already suggests, is one of the most traditional interpretations of a game revolving around large scale battles, base building and overall strategic combat...


Votes [755]
Game concept Anocris is refreshing take on common strategy and economic simulations. Starting out as a pharaoh without a kingdom, you and your kin settle near the fertile lands of the Nile...

Dark Knight

Votes [734]
Game Premise Dark Knight is an impressive mix of strategy and roleplaying and offers up a diverse number of game options in your browser...

Desert Order

Votes [796]
Game Concept In Desert Order you’re taking control over your own battle group of armored vehicles...
Game Description In the free-to-play browser game ‘Goodgame Empire,’ you are catapulted into a medieval world and need to transform your small castle into a powerful fortress...