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World of Warships – Load and fire!


Warship shooter – After we defeated countless panzer brigades and aircraft squadrons in World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, we kept an eye open for the moment when the developer Wargaming would bring us the next bombastic action shooter. So of course we jumped at the opportunity, and tested the newest ultimate free to play game World of Warships. We got ourselves on board, and this is our logbook.



Features of World of Warships


  • Free-to-play action shooter: Just sign up, load the game client, and you’re in. World of Warships is 100% free to play.
  • A great many warships: Choose your favorite ship from your fraction of choice, and enjoy a constantly growing selection of different warships.
  • Elaborate design with a lot of attention to detail: World of Warships gives you a historically accurate design, and uses a lot of details.
  • Smooth gameplay: Even though this game offers very detailed and complex graphics, the gameplay remains smooth even in huge multiplayer battles.
  • Tactical team play: Each ship has its own functions, and it plays a critical part. This comes forth best in big multiplayer battles that you take on in teams.



Game Concept of World of Warships


In the free game World of Warships you take control of some of the most popular warships from the time of the Second World War and of the last hundred years.


You start your adventure on Tier 1, which is the lowest rank for warships. After you’ve participated successfully in different sea battles, you’ll be rewarded very fast with experience and money, both of which you can use to buy new parts for your ship, or to get access to a new tier (class) of warships.


Step by step you work your way up in World of Warships, until you’ll have the necessary firepower to sink even the strongest opponents.


A whole lot of warships to choose from:


Currently in World of Tanks you can choose between 4 playable nations. You can join the US-Navy, the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Russian or the German Navy. The developer Wargaming uses the same established tactics from the other online shooters World of Warplanes and World of Tanks.


All of these games are constantly being enhanced, improved, and new contents are being added to them. At first you could only choose between 2 nations and 70 playable ships in World of Warships, but now the game range grew considerably, and apparently it still does.


Full of details and historically accurate:


The playable ships in World of Warships are divided in 4 different classes: Battleships, Aircraft carriers, Destroyers and Cruisers. Each class plays an important part and battle, but also has its weaknesses and strengths.


All you have to do is click on a class to see them. The game offers an overview that tells you what your ship can take, how easy it is for your opponents to detect it and, of course, how great its firepower is. Based on this detailed information it will be easier to decide what type of ship suits you best.


The ships also have a lot of detail to them, and they’re elaborately animated. They are at least as detailed as the panzers from World of Tanks or the aircrafts from World of Warplanes.


Smooth gameplay:


One of the things we really liked was that even though we maneuvered huge steel monster-ship, the gameplay remained pleasantly smooth. The bigger ships are naturally a bit slower, and they’re hard to manipulate, but they make up for it with their huge cannons.


Battleships and aircraft carriers have a whole lot of firepower, but those quick destroyers can be a real danger to them. That’s why your team has to make the right decisions when choosing the ships, keeping in mind their strengths and weaknesses.


With a good game balance especially in the individual particularities of the ships the developers from Wargaming managed to ensure that battles don’t end in arbitrary cannon fire.



The Bottom Line


The brand new and completely free to play action warship shooter totally met our expectations. We’d already played World of Tanks and World of Warplanes by Wargaming, which is why our expectations were really high.


The popular shooter World of Warships plays on the same level as the two other games, and it has really great graphics. The many ships seem very realistic, they’re crafted with a lot of attention to detail, and despite their partly gigantic dimensions they’re easy to steer.


In these last years has definitely managed to become one of the best developers of war simulation games. Whoever plays World of Warships will realize immediately why that is.

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