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World of Tanks – Get in your tanks and destroy your opponents!


Action tactical shooter – Imagine 30 players getting inside their tanks and firing at each other. It sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? We tested this game for you to find out whether World of Tanks, the free tank shooter, really lives up to its promises.



Features of World of Tanks


  • A huge selection of different tanks: Choose your own personal favorite from over 300 different tanks, and enter the battle with it.
  • Tactical depth: Find a suitable strategy with your 14 team members in order to overwhelm your opponents.
  • New patches keep improving the game: Experience an online game that’s constantly developing through regular patches, therefore gaining depth and complexity.
  • A huge community is waiting for you: Become part of a huge community with millions of members. These huge numbers actually got this game a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Clan Wars: Join one of the many clans, help conquer enemy clan areas, and increase your income in gold coins.



Game Concept of World of Tanks


In Word of Tanks, the free tactical shooter, you enter action-packed tank battles alongside a team of maximum 15 members. We listed here the most important features that you can expect of this game.


How about a Soviet tank today?


Even true tank experts will surely find a suitable model in World of Tanks. This popular game offers over 300 different panzers from Germany, China, France, Great Britain, Japan, the USA and USSR.


This way every team member can take a different tank, and the models don’t only vary in terms of appearance. Lightweight tanks are irreplaceable for effectively scouting the areas, and thanks to their high speed they’re very well suited for spotting enemy positions quickly and precisely.


Then you transmit the coordinates to the other team members, which can turn out to be game changing. But a lightweight tank is not the right thing for heavy fire, because the slim armoring doesn’t take much. If you prefer to disable enemy tanks from a distance, there are more suitable models you can use.


The anti-tank panzers have powerful cannons and can attack enemy tanks from a great distance, plus that they have very hard frontal armoring. But anti-tank panzers are very slow, and therefore not suitable for chasing your enemies! By far the most vulnerable are the artillery units.


In World of Tanks these can often be taken out by just firing once, and yet the artillery is essential because they provide the necessary rear cover for your tanks in battle. Like anti-tank panzers, the artillery can shoot opponents from a great distance, and seriously damage enemy units. So always keep in mind that the artillery should keep a low profile and act from the background!


Endless action? Yes! Tactical depth? Oh, yes!


In the free game World of Tanks you’ll notice quickly that good tactics is what will take you to success. Even though you begin the game the same way in each of the 4 game modes Standard Battle, Historical Battle, Encounter Battle and Assault, you have to be prepared to face individual situations.


For example it could be vital for you to take over tactical positions on a map with a number of them. If on the other hand there are few possibilities for cover, then it may be smart to first let your enemy approach, and then close in on him from the rear. Teamwork is everything in World of Tanks.


Regular Updates


A game with such a huge selection of different vehicles regularly has trouble with achieving a good balance between them. Right after the game was released, the artillery tanks were too strong for most players.


But luckily the developers of World of Tanks regularly optimize this free third-person tactical shooter, and they release patches very often. These updates don’t consist only of new tank models, but they also balance out the already available vehicles. It’s really a rare thing that a game offers updates and improvements so often.


Gigantic game community


By now the tactical shooter has become so popular among players, that World of Tanks actually got its own place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The game received this place for “the most players on the same server at the same time” (1950541), and since then it has broken its own record a number of times.


One of the many updates contained the “clan-wars-mode,” which the players greatly anticipated. Thanks to this patch the players can join one of the many clans, and conquer the huge map together step by step.


An alliance with other powerful clans is immensely important because by winning in these battles all members ensure regular income of gold coins.



The Bottom Line


The game concept of World of Tanks might sound like nothing special at first: 30 tanks are unleashed to shoot at each other. But thanks to a great mix of realistic representation and wonderful tactical depth this tactical shooter became a gripping and long-term motivating game.


The visuals are more than great. The over 300 original tank models have been given a lot of attention to detail, which is why it’s always fun to try out a new tank. Thanks to the always new and irreplaceable tactical maneuvers on the different maps you won’t get bored even after hours of gaming. You should definitely check out World of Tanks!

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