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War Thunder – Experience Pearl Harbor on your PC


Action war simulation – The Second World War from above? The completely free-to-play flight simulation War Thunder from Gaijin Entertainment was super popular in its Open-Beta phase already, and has millions of players by now. We tested this demanding air shooter for you.



Features of War Thunder


  • Different game modes: In War Thunder you have 3 different game modes. Choose between Arcade, Realistic and Simulator.
  • Exciting missions: Thanks to the different type of missions such as ‘Ground Strike,’ ‘Dominations’ and ‘Operations’ you’ll enjoy a lot of diversity.
  • The weapons are very authentic: You have access to a huge and authentic arsenal of aircrafts, gear and weapons directly from the Second World War.
  • Impressive visuals: The detailed visuals are really breathtaking.  This goes for the landscapes as well as for the planes.
  • Sophisticated team play: You’ll reap the benefits of a sophisticated team and clan system, as well as coop missions and chat support.



Game Concept of War Thunder


War Thunder, the completely free multiplayer shooter, is set in the times of the Second World War. Specific for a very war-like scenario, it won’t take long before things start to heat up in the game. In the beginning you can choose between different aircraft types from the years 1930 to 1950.


Besides this wide variety of aircraft types, you also have the proto-types of the time at your disposal.


3 different game modes:


A special advantage of War Thunder consists of the 3 different game modes. In the Arcade mode you can expect hardcore PvP-battles. The controls have been simplified in this mode, so that you can focus completely on the fights.


You leave all the minor things to your co-pilot. In the Arcade mode you have an unlimited amount of weapons and ammunition at your disposal, but if you prefer a more realistic game experience, War Thunder offers a game mode perfect for this – the Simulator Mode.


In this mode you can simulate the original battles from the Second World War, and maybe even change their outcome. Just like in real-life you don’t have either enough ammo or enough fuel, so you have to fly to airports or aircraft carriers to get them.


If you want it as real as it gets, the Realistic Mode of War Thunder will be just right for you, because in this mode you can play the game almost like in a true flight simulator. You have to coordinate everything yourself in order to stand a chance out there.


Missions are very diverse:


Die 3 different modes are by far not the only thing the developers of this game have in store for you. In each mode you have diverse mission types such as ‘Domination,’ ‘Ground Strike’ or ‘Operations.’


You can complete these missions by yourself or with your friends in the coop-mode if you want. As for us, we enjoyed the coop-mode a whole lot, and we can tell you that with all these things War Thunder offers you rich, great fun in the long run.


Alliances and team play:


In order to reach your goal faster you have to cooperate closely with other players in War Thunder. In order to support you in this, the free war game offers you both text chat and voice chat, in which you can choose who’s allowed to follow your conversations and who isn’t.


This way you can conspire with other players or change strategy. By now this popular MMO shooter also has many different squadrons, the so-called alliances that allow you to come together with like-minded people and fight enemy groups.


If you’d like to lead a group of your own, then you can form your own alliance in War Thunder. So much to the game in itself, but what about the graphics? The graphic progress of free browser games in the last years really is impressive, but the MMO shooter War Thunder takes it up a notch.


This game has breathtaking visuals that can truly rival with a full computer game. The detailed and seemingly endless landscapes, as well as the diverse game worlds will surely make your player heart race. Great sound tops it off wonderfully.




In the beginning War Thunder offered only aircrafts, but the developers kept enhancing the game, and added a whole lot of new contents through patches.  Now it offers many historical panzers and warships, and you can fight not only in the air, but also on land and water!



The Bottom Line


At first we were a little skeptical that the game would live up to the gigantic hype around it, but now we can easily confirm that the developers from Gaijin Entertainment delivered a strong and gripping game! War Thunder wins you over through breathtaking graphics, endless game worlds and clever play modes. What more could you ask for from a completely free online shooter? We can totally recommend this game with all confidence.

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