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Travian – The mother of all strategy games


Strategy browser game – Travian, the free strategy browser hit created by Travian Games has been completely renewed. Recently this popular game has been released with a completely new design. What does the new version encompass? Read on to find out.



Features of Travian


  • The hero system: Expect a completely new hero system with special gear, quests and different skill levels for your own heroes.
  • Different peoples: Play as a Roman, German or Gaul. Every nation has its specifics, and offers different tactical advantages.
  • Visuals and design: Travian’s completely new design offers many possibilities of customizing the graphics. You’ll enjoy more detail, and a much better overview.
  • The interactive map: In Travian the interactive map will help you to find your way around, and gives you an overview of everything that happens in the game world.
  • Diverse market economy: Here you’ll need your head. The new economic and production system is more complex, and makes the game more demanding, but also more exciting.
  • Buy & sell: The complex trade system makes it possible to buy and sell items as well as resources. You’ll be able to get rid of surplus goods quickly.



Game Concept of Travian


The free strategy browser game Travian is a building and strategy game. You’ll need skill, tactics and the right strategy in order to turn a small village into a powerful empire. Because every empire needs stability, you should not only keep recruiting to build an army, but also enter alliances and make pacts with other players.


Become the leader of your people:


In Travian you can choose between 3 different peoples. The game has a late ancient atmosphere, so you’ll have the choice between Romans, Germans and Gaul. Every people has special skills and items. If you decide to go with the Romans, you’ll have the advantage of village and city infrastructure, you get a high defence bonus thanks to robust city walls, and very strong infantry.


As leader of the Gaul you’ll have the fastest units in the entire game, you can set traps all around your village, and you get good settlers.  If you choose the Germans, then you get busy traders, you can easily recruit strong units of plunderers, and you also get almost indestructible earth walls.


Tactics are of advantage in Travian:


Thanks tot he many different units as well as their strengths and weaknesses, tactics play a very important part in Travian. As a Roman you’ll get good defence infantry units later in the game. But first you have to research these units thoroughly.


Due to the relatively weak traders the Romans might get supply shortages. This is why this nation is something for experienced players. In contrast, the Germans can be a really offensive and aggressive people who like attacking.


Their weaknesses are defence, and their units are rather slow, which is why they are also something for experienced players. The best people for beginners are the Gaul. The have good offense as well as defence units. Moreover, you get skilled traders and a middle-strong defence.


Adventures, heroes and quests:


In Travian you can turn a sleepy village into a powerful empire not only through trade, military activity and strategy. You can create a powerful hero, and have him fulfil quests and master adventures.


Through these tasks your hero gets experience points, and keeps growing in level. When your hero makes another level you can increase his special skills and talents. For example, your army becomes stronger or you get extra useful defence or plunder bonuses. Not only your hero, but you yourself can fulfil new tasks every day. Moreover, Travian invites you on adventures and events in the big game community.


Join a clan:


Alliances and clan life play an important part in this game as well. Playing alone may be a lot of fun, but doing it together with others is even better.  Moreover, members support you in battle and they’re by your side when you’re under attack.


You can interact with the other players in many different ways. Travian also offers a clever trade system on the market place, and you can send cereal to the players who are under siege. You can buy and sell on the marketplace, but you can also trade items for your hero within your alliance. This way players can support each other, and your group grows stronger.



The Bottom Line


Travian is one of the most popular building and strategy browser games, and the new version turned out even better. Thanks to the many optical changes, the exciting trade system and the many daily quests and tasks, this browser game has now much more diversity and depth.


Because of this, the game keeps evolving into a very complex, as well as tactically and strategically demanding game. You won’t get bored with Travian anytime soon, that’s for sure. We liked Travian before, but now, thanks to the many cool improvements this browser game is a whole lot more fun to play.

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