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Tentlan – Reign like the old Maya!


Strategy browser game – long before the first Europeans discovered South America, the Mayan people were already at the peak of their civilization. In the free browser game Tentlan you can relive the experience of the forgotten golden times almost exactly. You slip into the role of the leader, protecting the Mayan people, and building an empire.



Features of Tentlan


  • Free: the developers were clear: Tentlan is and it will stay completely free-to-play.
  • Live like the Maya: Players build typical Mayan buildings such as step pyramids, and send their warriors to battle with the strength of the jaguar!
  • Complex research system: The smartest heads in your empire work in the observatory to make new discoveries and develop technological breakthroughs!
  • Magic rituals: These help influence the seasons and the weather, and your reign gains the support of heavenly powers.
  • Increase your influence: Keep growing your empire by attacking nearby barbarians and other players!



Game Concept of Tentlan


All you need in order to enjoy this free game is create an account. Once you’ve done that you’re taken directly to your personal city, namely on the building site. If you’ve never led a Mayan settlement before, then you’ll be happy to receive the support of Itzel, your friendly consultant.


She will explain to you all the basic mechanics of the game, and will make sure that you don’t lose the overview. You give your subjects their first building tasks, and this is how you get the most important basic raw materials.


As soon as you have enough limestone and obsidian in your storerooms you can start erecting new buildings. Watch your city grow larger and more powerful!


Live like the Maya:


The game developers really did their best with Tentlan, and they created a browser game with a special atmosphere. All buildings and units in the game have a typical Maya design, and this way an exceptionally realistic 2D world comes to life.


You build huge, imposing step pyramids but also a powerful army consisting of Jaguar and Eagle warriors. Your subjects eat mostly cacao and corn. The Maya were also famous for their knowledge of the starts and the universe. This is why the smartest heads in the empire constantly conduct research in the observatory, developing new inventions.


Great research system:


The Maya were passionate observers of the heavens, and they had great knowledge. That’s why players of the free browser game Tentlan have to build an observatory early on in the game and start researching new technology in this building.


Every successful research in the field of medicine, engineering or astronomy will be rewarded with new units or buildings. In this game the research costs food and researchers, so you should make sure that you have enough stored to feed the hungry wise men. Only happy researchers work productively.


Magic in the game:


In Tentlan you can hold mysterious rituals and use them to get the gods on your side. You can also influence the seasons and, for example, ensure a long summer. This way you’ll be sure that the corn harvest is rich, and it fills your storerooms.


If you’re under siege, then you can ask for a very hard winter, and watch your enemies freeze to death. Besides these rituals you can also get special blessings. These help get special bonuses for your own settlement, which will help you exploit raw materials faster for a while.


Increase your area of influence:


Besides clever strategic planning and constantly praying to the powerful gods you must also fight with other leaders from the area. That’s why you should start researching as early as possible, and training powerful warriors.


In this free browser game there are enough units such as Jaguar and Eagle warriors to count on. In the second line you’ll need slingshot warriors who shoot deadly volleys of stones upon your enemies! In Tentlan you compete against computer-generated barbarians as well as against other players.


In our experience fighting the barbarians is good training for fighting real players. Real players are usually much stronger than the barbarians, and they also hit much harder.



The Bottom Line


Tentlan ist is definitely a browser game with a very unusual setting! Players can conquer the mysterious South-American jungle, and become the most powerful leaders of the Maya that ever lived. You erect your own city, ensure blossoming economy and happy subjects with full bellies!


You train legendary Jaguar and Eagle warriors for attack or defence purposes, and you go conquering the neighbouring territories.  Dare to gaze up to the stars, and see what wisdom the gods are willing to share with you. Rituals will also help turn the wather to your advantage.


If you’re interested in the Maya theme and if you’re into strategy games, then we can totally recommend that you go discovering the mystical world of Tentlan!

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