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Table Tennis Manager – Take your Ping-Pong team to the top of the charts!


Sport management browser game – Everyone played a round of table tennis at least once, but the professional level is truly impressive. The free sports hit ‚Table Tennis Manager’ brings you closer to the sport itself, but also to the side of management! Read on to find out all the cool stuff about this game.



Features of Table Tennis Manager


  • Free: All you need in order to find out whether you have what it takes to be a table tennis manager is a free account!
  • Manage your own sports hall: Managing your own hall offers many advantages, starting with a place to train and to hold contests!
  • Keep an eye on the statistics: Like in other management games you can always analyse the statistics of your team, and keep it as effective as possible!
  • Sponsoring contracts: Advertising is always worth it, and this way you can find the right sponsor for you in Table Tennis Manager!
  • Training is worth it: Every player has strengths and weaknesses.  Work on your players’ weaknesses, and keep building their strengths!



Game Concept of Table Tennis Manager


Table Tennis Manager gives the hobby manager really a lot of possibilities to take their team to the top of the charts! One of your tasks is coordinating the players and planning them according to their abilities and skills.


This way you’ll win your first contests quickly, and make it in a higher league! Playing in the higher leagues also means more money, of course, since big sponsors only start paying attention to you if you’re in a certain playing class! This is how you work your way in the free Table Tennis Manager from a suburban club to the premier league.


Training is worth it:


Just like in real life, your players have different skills and abilities. It’s your task as a manager to constantly have an overview of these skills. Every player has a set of 12 different skill values which, together, represent the player’s class!


It’s the manager who decides which ones of these values need to be trained and improved in special training units. What we found particularly interesting here is that you can decide yourself if you want to build a team with balanced players or with highly specialized players!!!


Manage your own sports hall:


Besides managing your own team, Table Tennis Manager also offers the possibility of managing your own sports hall! You decide on the price for the different seats, and whether you’ll invest in different improvements.


Managing your own sports hall is at least as demanding as planning and managing your team! But remember, a big hall attracts many paying spectators! We find this feature a great addition to the every day management.


Keep an eye on the statistics:


Real planning aces plan their next steps with an eye on the statistics! 15 different statistics offer a whole lot of analysis material. Following the statistics you can keep track of how many fans you get along the way, and maybe even plan how many you’ll have in the future.


You can also analyse costs and income. Using the different statistics well makes planning a whole lot easier!



The Bottom Line


The free game Table Tennis Manager for the browser won’t impress only tennis fans! Using the many management options you can plan your way to the fans’ hearts. You need to keep an eye on your own tennis hall, as well as on training your stars!


As you go, you’ll also draw the attention of sponsors who will pay richly. Table Tennis Manager offers not only an elaborate staging, but also everything you can expect from a food management game! If you’re a fan of table tennis, we can totally recommend that you create an account right away, and start playing!

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