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Star Trek Online – The universe is full of adventure!


Fantasy MMORPG – Everybody on the bridge, Klingons approaching! Fans of the famous Star Trek TV series listen up. The free MMORPG Star Trek Online will take you to the far corners of the universe, and it’ll grip even those less familiar with the series! So take a little time to cast a glance in our Star Trek Online logbook.



Features of Star Trek Online


  • Play for free: Star Trek Online will take you into the world of Captain Picard and all the other characters. All you need is a free registration and the game client!
  • Grandiose battles: The universe is full of dangers, and it will often come to violent battles in space and maybe even on your bridge!
  • Explore planets: Just like in the TV series, in Star Trek Online you’ll often have the chance to explore alien planets with your crew!
  • Contents created by other players: Star Trek Online offers you the possibility of creating your own missions, and of playing others’ missions!
  • Fight other players: Those who want to test their tactical skill with or against other players can do so in gigantic space battles!



Game Concept of Star Trek Online


Star Trek Online will bring a lot of joy especially to fans of the series, because on your travels you’ll meet a lot of familiar races such as Borgs, Klingons and Romulans. You’ll plunge into the Star Trek atmosphere!


Not to mention that there are countless planets to explore and research. This game offers a well-rounded gaming experience aboard your ship as well as in alien worlds! Plus that Star trek Online is completely free to play!


Grandiose battles:


All true Captains need their own ship! In the end, Star trek Online is packed with action in space. The first missions are easy, and you’re rewarded with your first spaceship quickly! But a spaceship alone won’t do much for you if you don’t have tactical finesse.


The great many fight strategies really impressed us! A high number of weapon systems brings diverse depth to every space fight. Keep your enemies in the ideal range of your torpedoes using a tractorbeam, or shatter their shields with huge laser bombings.


Only your fantasy can limit your strategy! These battles are not only tactically interesting, but their visual staging is also very effective!


Explore planets:


In the TV series Captain Picard and his crew had incredible adventures on alien planets. Star Trek Online remains true to this template, and will beam you very often to the surface of such planets!


Of course you won’t have to explore them by yourself, this would be pure suicide! You’ll have the support of three members of your crew, who have the specific MMORPG tasks Tank, Healer and Damage. This way you’re ready to take on the dangers and alien life forms of the planet!


But if you’re not in the mood for battle, you always have the option of going on discovery expeditions, you can analyze the atmosphere, or look for minerals. Minerals are always a worthy resource, because with minerals you build the basis for new ship modules, for example!


Contents created by players:


The most special feature of Star trek Online are the missions created by players. A real treat! Because if you’re ever in the situation where you’ve played everything and succeeded at all missions, you can always come back to the gigantic pool of missions created by other players!


But you can also create missions of your own with the easy-to-use editor. These missions have an integrated rating system that helps you keep an overview of the best contents too!


Fight other players:


The possibility of testing yourself against other players has become a must for every good MMORPG. These ‘PvP contents’ are just always a lot of fun and ensure the necessary diversity and contrast to the computer-generated missions.


In Star Trek Online these battles are particularly suspenseful because the tactical diversity we mentioned in the beginning is taken to immeasurable heights through the component of other human players! Come together with friends in undefeatable fleet alliances, and attain dominance over the entire galaxy!



The Bottom Line


All in all, we have to say that Star Trek Online will be a real treat for any fan of the TV series! But not only fans will enjoy it, because Star Trek Online is a really complex MMORPG, not to mention completely free!


All those who like their games set in space will have a lot fun in gigantic space fights as well as on many alien planets. We totally enjoyed our time aboard our ship and can warmly recommend that you try out this game yourself as soon as possible!

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