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Star Conflict – Phasers on Stun!


Sci-Fi MMO – The first thing you might think when you start playing Gaijin Entertainment’s most recent free to play Sci-Fi MMO, is that it’s just World of Tanks in space. Roughly speaking this is a fair description but Star Conflict has the potential to be recognized as more than that. Why do we say that? You are about to find out.



Features of Star Conflict


  • Free to play Sci-Fi MMO: Astro Lords is completely free to play. You only need to download once and then you’re ready to enter the fray.
  • Fast paced space shooter: Engage in fast paced 3D-Combat.
  • Huge selection of space ships: Several tiers and classes of space ships guarantee that each type of player will find a ship for them.
  • PvP focused gameplay: PvP focused gameplay awaits you and with the upcoming PvE content update you are about to experience a completely new endgame



Game Concept of Star Conflict


In Star Conflict, you are the captain of your own spaceship, working for one of the three factions called Empire, Federation and Jericho. Struggling in an endless war your task is to take control over several sectors by taking the fight to your enemy in cosmic battles of epic proportions.


Upgrade your skillset, unlock new ships with advanced weaponry and unique abilities to become the supreme ruler of the galaxy.


Fast-Paced Space Shooter:


Aside from EVE-Online there are currently very few games that give you the opportunity to climb onboard a spaceship and engage in 3D-combat. In that regard Star Conflict definitely has its strong points.


The fast paced 3D-combat in space might be a bit confusing at first, but with several mechanics like target locking and homing missiles, you soon will get the hang of it. Once you have mastered the controls you will then find yourself dashing through asteroid belts shaking off those pesky missile that someone has just fired at you.


A Ship for Every Captain:


The ships in Star Conflict are another strong reason to play the game. At the beginning of the game, you have the choice between several different types and each faction has their own selection on offer.


There are slow destroyers, very fast interceptors, bulky repair and support ships and several other types of spacecraft that you can choose from. Every ship has its own set of weaponry and a unique ability that comes with the type of ship you have selected.


For example, Tackler-class ships get the ability to cloak for a few seconds, which makes them great at picking off high value targets and then vanishing once the deed is done – something that reminds us of the familiar rogue class from other games.


PvP Focused Gameplay:


Most of the action in Star Conflict revolves around fast paced PvP battles and the continuous improvement of your space vessel. Therefore the game provides several sorts of matches, like the classic variations of Team Death Match and Domination.


Once you have managed to claim victory on a given map, you get around 60 seconds to scavenge the battlefield for extra resources and the occasional rare item that could reward you with another devastating weapon upgrade.


Therefore PvP becomes something that you actually want to do and not something that you have to do. Nonetheless, the developers at Gaijin Entertainment are currently working on a huge PvE update that is supposed to add specific endgame content for all those players who also enjoy the occasional PvE raid.



The Bottom Line


It is not World of Tanks in space, it is Star Conflict and that’s actually a good thing. Star Conflict ticks all the right boxes that are mandatory for a game that wants to attract new players to a genre that is still waiting for its revival.


The graphics are top tier for a free to play title, each ship has its own individual look and every cannon has its purpose, strengths and weaknesses. All these things must have undergone a thorough balancing progress which has made the final product a mighty fine sci-fi space shooter that everyone will enjoy playing, regardless of whether you’re a fan of the genre or not.

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