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Rise of Dragons – A fire in the sky


Rise of Dragons, another competitor on the broad market of MMORPGs. A game that came down crackling from the sky with fire and a thunderous roar. A game that not only just received its English translation but just recently began to earn its place among similar titles. We couldn’t withstand the hype and longer and gave it a try.



Features of Rise of Dragons


  • Free to play: Just sign up once and you’re good to go. Rise of Dragons comes without any costs and is absolutely free to play.
  • Three paths to victory: Three playable classes, namely Hunter, Mage and Warrior are at your disposal.
  • Rise in rank and in power: Each monster that you destroyed and each challenged that you mastered will eventually lead to a point where your character becomes stronger. Overcome any obstacles and ascend to greatness.
  • Lots of other activities: Aside from grinding countless monsters and other foes, Rise of Dragons provides countless other opportunities for you to spend your time on and even win valuable items in return.



Game concept


Rise of Dragons is a game in which you initially start out as an unknown but aspiring hero. Things are pretty tough when you’re just a Lv. 1 Greenhorn and all you can really do is keeping a low profile to not attract the attention of more powerful creatures.


Things do change eventually and the more you begin making a name for yourself, the higher your rewards will get. At some point even the strongest of demons will whisper your name with fear and they better do, for you might be the chosen one that relieves the land from darkness in Rise of Dragons.


Three paths, one goal


A tought decision awaits you right after starting the game for the first time. Who do you want play? Three playable classes are currently available in Rise of Dragons and those are called: Warrior, Mage and Hunter. We went with the Mage for our initial playtest and really enjoyed lobbing massive fireballs towards our foes, burning them to a crisp in the process.


If you rather turn monsters into a pin cushion, then playing the Hunter is going to be something that you would enjoy. And should you, for whatever reason, prefer to stomp your enemies to a bloody pulp, then go ahead and pick the warrior. No matter what you pick, the game offer some of the best visuals among similar free to play titles and provides an appealing visual feedback to your skills – no matter then class you play.


Survive and thrive


Taking the first step is always the hardest. Once you manage to do that though, you will realize that with each level gained, new abilities will begin to expand your skill set. As a mage you learn new spells, as a warrior you learn no sword arts and as a hunter you learn to shoot more arrows into all the places where you haven’t shot them before!


Aside from these unlocks, you also gain access to some other features, like wings, gear alterations and potential upgrade opportunities for your already existing gear. The longer you play Rise of Dragons, the more you realize that there is a fine line between a well-equipped and a perfectly equipped hero. We just hope that you will be on the right side of that line.


Lots of other activities


To avoid boredom and provide some welcoming change from monster hunting, Rise of Dragons offers its players a wide selection of little extras and features in which they can engage in between fights or whenever they feel like it really. Maybe you enjoy PvP battles? Maybe try some dungeon?


The choice is ultimately yours but Rise of Dragons really does provide a huge stage for its players. A feature that widely considered to be well-received.



The Bottom Line


At first glance Rise of Dragons seemed pretty much like any given MMORPG we’ve seen so far but even despite having the most basic of classes, the game managed to surprise us in more than one way. The visuals are stunning for a free to play title and aside from the overall solid gameplay it was the multitude of little extras and gimmicks that kept us intrigued.


Before we knew it we had spent quite a few hours with Rise of Dragons and in our book that’s a pretty good sign for a games quality. Give it a try and convince yourself.

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