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Rail Nation – great train fun in your browser!


Railway browser game – Almost everyone used to play with mini-trains back when they were kids. Rail Nation, the brand new and completely free railway browser game takes you back to those wonderful times, and offers great railway fun directly in your browser. Do you still enjoy steam trains, and electric and diesel locomotives to the max? We tested out this railway browser game for you.



Features of Rail Nation:


  • Development: research and build over 113 different locomotives, train cars and goods transporters. Use the upgrades to keep improving your vehicles.
  • Huge, diverse game worlds: In this railway browser game you can supply over 50 cities and over 1700 different companies per map with different goods.
  • Development & upgrades: In order to improve your train station you can use over 11 different buildings and over 300 building levels.
  • Alliances: Found societies together with other players, and benefit from your own buildings, rules and advantages.
  • Strategic route planning: Plan and create individual transport routes. Supply your cities with completely different goods.
  • Free-to-play: You can play Rail Nation completely free in your browser, without having to download or install anything. Prove yourself against your many competitors in this railway browser game.



Game Concept of Rail Nation


In Rail Nation, the free railway simulation browser game, you’ll want to climb the ladder. You begin as nobody, and you strive to become a rich and powerful transport mogul. In order to achieve that, you’ll have to transport different goods, build your railway step by step, and also prove yourself against many competitors.


The first steps:


Players of Rail Nation will be taken through different stages of the realistic railway history. You start off only with a little bit of money and a very old steam locomotive. You’ll earn better money after you supply the surrounding cities with the 40 different goods.


You can use this income to supply your locomotives, acquire new ones, or you can invest it in research and development, in building your station and your cities and, of course, in creating your best railway network.




Once you’ve started earning money you can reach different other cities through the strategically suitable railway network and, of course, you can supply them with goods. Once you’ve enhanced your locomotives and acquired new ones, you can transport more goods, and faster.


In Rail Nation you’re always in direct competition with the many other players. Your competitors also want to supply the cities with goods, of course. If they reach the cities faster, they also do better business, which is why speed matters.


Play together


Once you’ve made your first deliveries successfully, and created the most important strategic routes, it makes sense to ally yourself with other players. In Rail Nation you can easily come together in so-called societies.


These work in Rail Nation like alliances and clans in other online games. In these societies you can talk directly with other players, learn tips and tricks, support each other, and even compete with other societies.


Moreover, as a member of a society you can erect special buildings, which bring advantages for all members. You play Rail Nation in rounds, and a round takes around 3 to 4 minutes. After a game round the best societies and players are publicly honoured, and the game starts over.



The Bottom Line


The free railway browser game Rail Nation impressed us first of all with very elaborate and pleasant graphics. Rail Nation can totally keep up with its most famous competitor Railroad Tycoon. The game is demanding, because you have to choose your railway routes using strategic and tactical thinking.


This is why Rail Nation can be a bit tricky in the beginning, but in time you’ll get the hang of it. Once you’ve become familiar with the basic mechanisms of the game you’ll have great fun for a long time.


If you have a fetish for trains and railway, and if you’re possessed of good logic, then Rail Nation is definitely the game for you. Not to mention that this railway browser game is completely free, and also suitable for younger players.

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