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Pokémon Mega – Gotta catch ’em all


The Pokémon series is among the most known of all times. The adventures of Ash and his friend Pikachu have been adapted into series, movies and countless games. Pokémon Mega picks it up from there and throws you into an adventure that only allows the very best to come out on top.



Features of Pokémon Mega


  • Fight other players: Pokémon Mega consists of PvE and PvP elements alike. Fight other players or farm up while fighting npc characters. Compare the strength of your little companions and rise to the top.
  • Explore a huge world: Pokémon Mega provides you with a huge world to explore. Explore vast plains, dark caves and find treasures and challenges alike.
  • Challenging Boss encounters: If you ever feel like putting your skills and your Pokémon to a real test, try challenging some of the bosses in Pokémon Mega. Not only do they count as some of the hardest encounters in the game they also provide huge rewards.
  • Gotta catch em all: Start with one of the first edition starter Pokémon and catch some new along your way. Let them compete with each other in order to buff their abilities and prepare them for upcoming battles.



Game concept


Pokémon Mega is your typical adventure game for your browser. Up to six little monsters have a place in your team and with them you fight other Pokémon trainers and Pokémon. Most of the common mechanics should be known to you already. Stuff like weakening the little monsters before being able to catch them or the different kinds of Pokéballs that allow you to store your potential companions.


Easy to learn


The core gameplay of Pokémon Mega is mostly automated. Once you signed up and chose you avatar, you select your favorite Pokémon, give it a catchy name and there you go.


From here on onwards it’s up to you to explore the world and catch all the wild Pokémon that are waiting out there. A smooth UI and a helpful tutorial are also integrated and provide useful information, especially for all those who are new to the genre.


Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur?


The potentially hardest question we had to answer when we were kids. Water, Fire or Plant Pokémon – which one shall it be?


Remember, the starter Pokémon is super important since it lays out the path for your upcoming adventure and it is the one Pokémon that will accompany you from the beginning till the end of your adventure. Supplement your team with up to five other Pokémon, making sure that you are prepared for whatever challenges may come.


Explore a modernized Kanot


Ever heard of the Kanto region? No? If you haven’t, then let us tell you that this is basically the very first region you explored in any Pokémon game. If you played the old games on your Gameboy, you should still be familiar with some of the place you’re going to see in Pokémon Mega.


If not, then that’s also fine, because the region has been completely redesigned and modernized to take the leap into the 21st century. Explore it as much as you can. You never know what you may find. Some items are well hidden but will grant amazing power boosts for your Pokémon.



The Bottom Line


This browser game brings back the classic iteration of Pokémon to your browser. It is absolutely free to play and offers so much. We immediately fell in love with our three starter Pokémon and it was a tough choice to only select one of them.


Seeing them grow quickly while your avatar can automatically move through the world is also another feature that helps you to conserve time on your way to the top in Pokémon Mega.

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