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Neverwinter – Feel like Dungeons and Dragons?


Fantasy MMORPG – In this free fantasy MMORPG the player rediscovers the forgotten kingdoms of the super popular Dungeons and Dragons. Fans of the game series will feel right at home with this one. Our test will tell you if beginners will find it just as great.



Features of Neverwinter


  • Individual character: Build your own individual character from up to 13 different races and job classes
  • Exciting Dungeons: Become an explorer and discover dungeons full of secret passageways, traps and hidden treasures
  • Advantageous team work: Find up to 4 companions and go on dungeon raids that will bring you huge spoils and a whole lot of experience
  • A great many Quests: Take a break from hunting monsters, and complete the many different tasks that Neverwinter has in store for you



Game Concept of Neverwinter


The city has been fully destroyed, and now it’s under siege by undead followers of the Lich Queen Valindra that rage outside the gates. There’s desperate need for help, and this is how the adventure starts in this free fantasy MMORPG.


The player can turn the tides in this war. You pick up your weapons and send your attackers on the run. In this review we’ll show you the best way to do this based on the most important features of Neverwinter:


Races, classes.. you’re spoilt for choice


The start in Neverwinter is specific for MMORPGs with the choice of character. You’re spoilt for choices among the races: dwarves, half-elves, half-people, half-orcs, men, tieflings, elves and dark-elfish drows.


Right after you’re picked your character you can tinker with the appearance of your future hero and make it completely unique. We chose the Warrior, but we’re still a long way from being done, because our character still needs a suitable job class: defense fighter, tactical Magician, Devoted Cleric, Trickster Rogue or fighter with two-handed weapons, they’re all options we can go for.


Fans of strong magic will sure choose the Magician here, while the Rogue, for example, is best suited for cunning ambush. You’re one to grab your sword and storm into your opponents? Then fighting with two-handed weapons will be just right for you.


There’s a reason they call it „Dungeons and Dragons“


Neverwinter has pleasant cities and other interesting areas, but it’s the “Dungeons” in this free fantasy MMORPG that impress most, and they truly live up to the game series.


We find dungeons in every area, and they’re full of secret passageways, tricky traps and other dangers. It’s here that you can set your inner explorer completely on the loose, and you’ll often be rewarded with hidden treasures!


Complex fight system


So that the exploration activities never get boring, we also have to protect ourselves from sudden attacks from time to time. In this case we club down the monsters in the well-known hack’n’slay manner, which we pair with rechargeable special maneuvers and other skills.


You’ll enjoy a lot of diversity with the many different quests that bring you a lot of experience and make reaching the levels easier.


Stronger together


Some monsters are too much even for the strongest warrior – so we’re left with just one solution: finding help. Especially the instanced dungeon-raids are something you shouldn’t venture in alone, but with a reliable team that you’ve built beforehand.


You can get up to four companions to help you, which is totally worth it, since the hardest tasks will be rewarded with a whole lot of experience and spoils. Those who want to test their skills against other players too can simply participate in the PvP competition fights (also possible in groups).



The Bottom Line


Dungeons and Dragons fans will definitely check out this free fantasy MMORPG. But there are many different ways in which those who didn’t know the series before will also enjoy Neverwinter.


The many different dungeons won’t give boredom a chance, and the dungeon-raids with up to 4 companions will give you exactly that MMORPG feeling that we all love so much. The great selection of quests adds the perfect final touch to the package.

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