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Online casinos have always been appealing to a wide variety of players. They offer the thrill of real casinos but you can enjoy it without having to leave the house and going to a crowded place. is potentially one of the biggest sites that provide such an online service and we simply had to give it a try.



Features of


  • Free to play: Just sign up once and you’re good to go. You can even win big without having to invest a single cent.
  • Easy access: Right from the get go you’re introduced to most of the prominent features of the site, one being the chance for big winnings without having to invest anything beforehand.
  • Huge variety of games to play: offers an enormous amount of playable games to you and guarantees that you will find way more than one game that you enjoy playing.
  • Professionality: In a few weeks from here will take it to the next level in terms of professionality. Real croupiers will be taking your bets in and you get to monitor in real-time if lady luck is on your side.



Game concept


The overall concept of is pretty straightforward. You sign up and you get a set amount of coins added to your digital wallet. How you spend these coins is entirely up to you. Do you want to high-roll or low-ball?


Your choice alone. By the end of the day we have to realize that gives us the complete and utter freedom on what we do with our earnings. Do we play a few rounds of Poker? Maybe some Roulette? Who knows? This is your story and no matter where it leads you, your path is filled with opportunities at


An accessible and welcoming introduction


While some games struggle with over boarding instructions and other distracting gimmicks, is comparatively playing with open cards – so to speak. You start the game, you get a considerable amount of coins and from here on onward it’s up to you where you go next.


The UI seemed to be somewhat packed at first but shortly after we really like that everything was pretty much sorted in our favor. Depending on which type of game you like, you get to choose from a wide selection of corresponding titles.


Playing these titles nets experience, much like in a roleplaying. Earn enough experience and you gain a level. Yup, you can level up at The rewards are additional coins that you get to spend on different activities – meaning it’s another set of free opportunities to win real prizes without having to pay anything.


Dozens of games are at your disposal


Unsurprisingly there are dozens of games to play on Cards, slot machines and of course different variations of Roulette are just some of the games that are waiting to be tried out. The freedom of choice that comes with these opportunities is exactly what makes so appealing.


You lost a few games of Poker and now you don’t want to play that game anymore? That is totally fine because there is always something that will tickle your fancy. And who knows, maybe there is also that one game that will allow you to win the jackpot.


Continuously growing


Another feature that is somewhat exclusive to is the rate at which it expands and reinvents itself. The portfolio of games is seemingly expanding by the day and it just keeps getting bigger. But its not only the selection of games that matures it is also the site itself. Soon there will be real croupiers that take your bets, adding not only a next layer of professionalism but also to immersion. In this regards its somewhat safe to conclude that is a site that is not only highly frequented but also continuously growing.



The Bottom Line is a site that will eventually get you hooked. Surprisingly that happens in a good sense. Receiving the free handouts with each level up allowed us to play quite a few games and try out some of the new stuff whenever we logged in on the next day. is definitely one of the proper casino sites out there and that is something that we don’t simply claim, it is something that is proven every day by the multitude of users that enjoy spending their leisure time on

Play now for free !