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Magic: The Gathering Arena – Tapping into greatness


Magic: The Gathering is one of the oldest trading card games in existence. More than 20 years ago these little cards were trading during breaks at school, at the playground and basically everywhere else. With Magic: The Gathering Arena this classic game becomes alive on your PC and it is absolutely free to play.



Features of Magic: The Gathering Arena


  • Challenge others to a duell: Compete with other players from all around the world and show them the power of your card deck. Earn points by winning and climb the ranks to the top.
  • Customize your card deck: In Magic: The Gathering Arena its all about having a well-made card deck. Being able to adapt to you rival and overpowering him or her eventually will grant you neat rewards for your upcoming battles.
  • New events and new cards: Every now and then you can participate in time-based missions and challenges and earn specific rewards for your troubles. There is also a steady influx of new cards that allow for new builds and combinations to play things out.
  • Different cards for different types of play: Magic: The Gathering Arena has five different types of cards. Each of these types supplements a unique playstyle. Prefer a defense playstyle or rather enjoy having dozens of summons? In Magic: The Gathering Arena the options are almost limitless.



Game concept


In Magic: The Gathering Arena it is all about building your decks. Once you signed up you’re in for a little tutorial and by the end of it you gain access to a basic deck of cards. You win your encounters by damaging the life pool of your rival, while trying to keep your own intact.


How you are going to do that is up to you and you cards. Therefore this game is widely considered to be one of the most strategic games within the genre. Almost limitless combinations and opportunities make this game a great catch for enthusiasts.


Spend your Mana wisely


Each turn you get a specific amount of mana to spend on your actions. Different actions cost a differnet amount of mana and if you play things out correctly, you will eventually start using each and every single point of available mana to its fullest potential. Each round you draw a random card from the top of your deck and have to come up with a plan to defeat your enemy along the way. Adaption quick thinking are crucial here.


A huge and continiously growing community


Magic: The Gathering Arena always had a huge fan base to rely on. On different social media platforms players from all across the globe came together to share their hobby and compete with each other in thrilling matches. Magic: The Gathering Arena is another great opportunity to bring the community together and get new talent to join their ranks.


Time based events for nice rewards


To stay on top of the food chain and earn new cards it is recommended to participate in daily events and quests. By fulfilling these daily challenges you gain continuous access to a new influx of cards, keeping your deck for your opponents in an unpredictable state while allowing potentially new combos and strategies on your end.



The Bottom Line


Magic: The Gathering Arena has had a long and successful line of adaptions so far and with what we have currently seem from Magic: The Gathering Arena it is almost safe to say that this trend is still in growing strong. Magic: The Gathering Arena is not only free to play but it also delivers the full package of strategy, planning and the joy of collecting as many cards as possible. Something that not only competitive players would enjoy.

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