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Howrse – Crazy about horses? This game is for you!


Horse breeding browser game – This popular game is all about horses and horse breeding, and it has a lot of fans. Howrse is free, you can play it directly in your Internet browser, and it makes it possible for you to slip into the role of a real horse breeder. Read on to find out everything you can experience and discover in this game.



Features of Howrse


  • Free: Just create a new account, and you can already start living the life of a horse breeder!
  • Train horses: Horses won’t win contests without a whole lot of work.
  • Take care of the offspring: Players have to ensure that their oldest horses reproduce, and that they make a name for themselves as horse breeders.
  • Age levels: You spend a lot of time with your animals, and you accompany them every step of the way as foals grow into contest horses.
  • Customization: If business runs well, you can customize your animals as much as your fantasy allows.



Game Concept of Howrse


Howrse is a special browser game that’s all about the difficult task of becoming a famous and successful horse breeder! As soon as you’ve created your account you have to decide on a horse race. The character Emma will be greeting new players, and she will guide their first steps.


Howrse offers a very good tutorial. As soon as you’ve learned the basics, you can start your journey to becoming one of the most famous horse breeders.


Training horses:


Every horse has a range of special skills. For example, we decided on the Hanoverian race, a race that gives especially talented jumpers.  If you train this skill, then you can definitely score great points with it in contests.


Not only training improves your horse’s abilities, but riding is also something that contributes, so saddle your favorite horse and go for a few hours’ ride in the woods. You sure will see results! But all these activities will cost your horses energy. In order to refill their tanks you can groom them and feed them delicious carrots.


Attend to the offspring:


One of the most important elements of Howrse is horse breeding, of course. In the beginning Emma will explain to you all the basics of successful breeding. Gaia, Emma’s mare, is a Hanoverian, and she needs a proper stallion.


You have to find the right stallion, and assess it for proper potential. Only if both the mother and father are fully healthy will the offspring turn out strong. Emma even agrees to give you one of the foals, and this way you’ll also have the basis to build your own equestrian center.


Of course, Emma also wants a foal, so Gaia should give birth to twins. In order for that to happen you go to the black market and get a fertility magic wand. Thanks to this wand the mare should have twins. This is one of the coolest features of Howrse.


Age levels and time lapse:


The chores in your equestrian center depend entirely on your horses’ daily routine. The day begins at 8:00 o’clock in the morning, and you have to decide how to best use the available time. Riding and training require a lot of time, but relaxation and grooming shouldn’t come short either.


As time passes, your horses also grow older, plus that you can’t train foals during the first 2 years of their lives. First, you have to set up a so-called nursery, where you start to prepare foals for contests and training routines. Once foals reach the age of six months they can be registered in the equestrian center.


Your horses’ skills and abilities can keep being improved. In order to avoid that your favorite and most trusted horses die due to old age, you can use the Philosopher’s Stone in Howrse to make them immortal!


Economy and customization possibilities:


You can’t manage an equestrian center without financial means, which means you have to always keep an eye on your finances. The main currency in this popular game is the so-called equus, which you need for food and saddles, for example.


When you win a contest, you earn equus. In order to acquire special items on the black market, though, you need extremely rare passes, and these passes are something you get at special events. But another cool feature of Howrse consists of the different customization possibilities.


Thanks to these possibilities you can customize both your horses and the landscape. For example, we turned our most impressive horse into a unicorn that lives in a mystical moon landscape.



The Bottom Line


Howrse ist really something special! In this free browser game players train their horses and participate in exciting contests. They breed great horses, and then sell them to other breeders. Howrse is a very good concept, and it comes in great visual packaging.


The many different looks you can give your horses are really great too. You have a lot of choices from winged horses, devil stallions to unicorns. Create a new account right now and become a horse breeder.

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