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Grepolis – rule like in ancient Greece!


Strategy browser game – Zeus the father of gods seems to have turned his eye to the world of browser games! The completely free strategy hit ‘Grepolis’ for the browser delivers ancient Greece to the player’s home computer screen! Those who always wanted to experience the cradle of civilization should definitely check out our report.



Features of Grepolis


  • Play for free: All you need for direct access to the times of powerful city-states is a free registration and a browser!
  • Heavenly assistance: On your way to a great polis you can count on the help of different Greek gods!
  • Diplomatic skill: Decide if you’ll make friends or enemies of the neighboring kingdoms! Diplomatic skill sure pays off!
  • War on water or on land: Build huge armies and fleets and send your enemies running in gigantic battles!
  • A great number of tasks: Grepolis requires the player to complete the most different quests and entices with great rewards. This is how quests turn into real fun!



Game Concept of Grepolis


Your journey to early Greece starts directly after a super easy registration. Right from the start the player will notice the carefully crafted design and the atmosphere it creates! This makes Grepolis really versatile for a completely free browser game! But don’t worry – we’ll break down the game a little in this report.


Complete freedom for the ruler:


The most important indicator of a functioning polis is the number of inhabitants. Having many inhabitants means that the environment is enjoyable and that there’s enough space to live! In order to lure as many people as possible to your polis you need to erect all sorts of public and residential buildings.


Moreover, you have the possibility of colonizing other islands and of expanding the area under your rule! While expanding you’ll also meet other players – the way you meet them is completely up to you! Will you use your diplomatic skills, or will you fight them in open battle?


Who is your god:


Gods belong to ancient Greece the way Zaziki belongs to Souvlaki! The developers of Grepolis took this into account, of course, and integrated all sorts of gods from the Greek mythology in the game, but they left it to the players to decide which gods they honor and which they ignore!


Yet this decision is enormously important and has serious effects on the gameplay. In Grepolis every god has different strengths and weaknesses, so the players must decide which gods suit them best!


Epic battles:


It doesn’t take a historian to realize that early Greece wasn’t necessarily a peaceful place. Many ambitious rulers on a relatively small area also mean competition! You’ll meet your opponents on land as well as on the Mediterranean, so it’s important to have a prepared army and to equip it well!


In order to bring your soldiers from island to island and to protect them on the way you also need a good fleet. Moreover, alliances with other powerful players can prove enormously important!



The Bottom Line


The free browse hit ‘Grepolis’ really impressed us! Almost everything is fantastic. A well-implemented setting with a super atmosphere combines with strategic depth! The game makes itself quickly understood to newcomers, and the many tasks are never boring.


The expansion possibilities are only limited to your efforts, and Greece has a lot of islands to colonize. The interaction with other players makes Grepolis a lively play experience with unpredictable courses, while the wonderful idea with the different gods and their different strengths round the game perfectly. So best create a free account right away and start playing!

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