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Goodgame Empire – Let the battles begin!


Strategy browser game – Can you hear the chainmail rustle, panicked horses neigh and swords clang? Then you’re in the middle of the fascinating world of Goodgame Empire. In this free strategy browser game you’ll discover foreign medieval worlds, you’ll build unconquerable fortresses and lead epic campaigns with your powerful military.



Features of Goodgame Empire


  • A lot to discover: A total of 5 different medieval worlds are waiting for you. In each one of them you can build 4 individual castles.
  • The opponents adapt to you: The stronger you become in Goodgame Empire, the stronger will be your computer-generated opponents in the worlds. This way the game always remains a challenge.
  • Long-lasting gaming enjoyment: There are 70 different levels, and a seemingly infinite number of quests.
  • Countless events: In Goodgame Empire you’ll have recurrent time missions. Master the great tasks, and get great rewards.
  • A visual treat: In matters of graphics the game is refreshing and stands out from the browser-crowd. The medieval comic-look is timeless.



Game Concept of Goodgame Empire


In the free browser game Goodgame Empire the players get catapulted into the fascinating world of the Middle Ages, where they have to transform a small castle into a powerful fortress as they go along.


You have to defend yourselves effectively from the evil robber-knights, and you can even build one of the most powerful empires of all times. Read on if you want to know exactly what’s waiting for you in this game!


Stone by stone


Your main tasks in this game are to transform a simple keep into a big and flourishing town, and achieve both military and economic power. As you make your way through the 70 levels you activate one by one more building upgrades and – of course – stronger knights.


These sustained improvements are enormously important because of the menace of the robber-knights, which is widely spread in the world. They become stronger and stronger with every attack. But you don’t have to make do with just one keep in Goodgame Empire.


At the higher levels you’ll be able to conquer and manage up to 3 additional outposts. These outposts will strengthen your military, and also help you achieve a position of great power. All through this free MMORPG you’ll also enjoy a series of fun quests with countless missions.


Discover new worlds


Did you think this was it? No! Goodgame Empire offers you much more, such as countless daily missions, dozens of demanding achievements and constantly recurring time quests that will keep you wanting to play. The time quests are very diverse and challenging.


For example you have to build a powerful colossus in only a few days, or defend from dangerous nomads on a short notice. As Lord of your castle you’ll never be idle.


If that’s still not enough, you can explore 3 additional areas. In each one of these areas you’ll come across more tried and stronger opponents. Even if you’re a veteran of this game, it’ll never get boring.


In the 5th area (the Storm Islands) you only have 30 days to develop your metropolis as much as possible and collect precious stones before the islands get flooded, and you have to start all over again.


You’re strong together


In the free browser game Goodgame Empire tenacity and strategy are the most valuable characteristics that a lord must possess. But even the most tenacious castle lord has to ally himself with other castle owners sometime in the course of the game.


Mighty alliances protect you from devious assaults, but also offer many more advantages, such as getting to know other players. Within your alliance you also have built-in chat and a forum that allow you to communicate with each other.


Great mix


Goodgame Empire combines a medieval setting with a fun comic-book look. Smoothly animated graphics and an antiquated sound will lure you to a special world. The storyline of the game is by no means boring or obsolete.


This browser game has a strong touch of humor that is obvious in the different tasks, as well as in the elaborated comic-animations, and that will keep that smile returning to your face.



The Bottom Line


The free browser game Goodgame Empire is really a lot of fun, and not only in the short term. Players who enjoy city-building simulations and suspenseful strategy games will definitely feel at home.


The countless tasks that you have to master as you make your way through the 70 different levels, the stronger-growing computer-generated opponents, as well as the 5 completely different worlds with their particularities don’t give boredom the slightest chance.


Saddle your horses, sharpen your swords and dive into the legendary world of Goodgame Empire!

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