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Glorious Saga – A WoW adaptation for your smartphone and browser


In Glorious Saga a war is raging between the Alliance and the Horde. Which side will you support? The choice is up to you. Inspired by World of Warcraft, one of the most successful MMORPGs of all times, you are now able to experience the war between these two faction on your browser or cellphone and all of it is absolutely free.



Features of Glorious Saga


  • Unique classes and abilities: Each of the available clsses in Glorious Saga comes with a unique set of skills and talents. The more you advance your class, the more abilities and power you will eventually unlock. Valuable strength that is ultimately needed to overcome even the toughest of challenges.
  • Crossplay with your friends: Glorious Saga allows for warfare wherever you or your friends are right now. Play together with your friends while they sit at home and you are on the train on your cellphone. Glorious Saga connects people.
  • Offline mode available: Most modern titles require a permanent connection to the internet in order to work. Glorious Saga has an offline mode that circumvents that issue. Gain levels, items and other rewards while being offline and dont lose valuable time in instances where there is no internet connection available.
  • Accessable controls: Glorious Saga is easily one of the most accessable titles you can play. The mechanics are almost self-tought and allow a quick entry, even for newcomers to the genre.



Game concept


Every hero in Glorious Saga can take over any class. Each class has a specific set of weapons, armor and abilities that they bring into combat. Eventually you will unlock new heroes, new weapons and tons of other gear in order to be prepared for upcoming challenges and the monstrosities that lurk in the shadows.


You explore a rich and vibrant world in Glorious Saga and compete with massive bosses and other threats of epic proportions that will put your skills to the ultimate test. Do you have what it takes to survive in the world of Glorious Saga?


Thrilling arena matches


Aside from the usual PvE-content you also get the opportunity to participate in thrilling arena matches. These matches are most certainly some of the most demanding encounters in the game. Pitting you into ruthless action with another player will require your full attention. Use the tools at your disposal to take care of your opponent and tons of riches await.


Strength in unity


Another challenging adventure are Raidbosses. These massive monstrosities are too strong for a single player and require a lot more coordination and the help of other players. Together with a bunch of friends or even strangers you have to form an alliance that is able to take on these massive brutes.


Should you be successful, some of the most valuable riches in the game will be your reward. In this regard there is always something that you can achieve in this game.


Dungeons and Quests


In order to avoid potential boredom and not having to look for dozens of people to cooperate with, you can always delve into a dungeon or look for new quests that all hold neat rewards for your character. Staying busy means staying on the top.


Mounts and Followers


Rare mounts and powerful followers are another feature in Glorious Saga. Some of them provide very useful abilities, like healing powers for example. These abilities can also be utilized in PvP scenarios and as you would imagine they can be tremendously useful, especially when you would otherwise have no access to a strong healing spell or such.



The Bottom Line


Glorious Saga is a game thats quite easy to get into. Choose your hero, individualize it as required and compete with other players from all over the world. Hundreds of quests and a vibrant world full of challenges and adventures awaits you. If you are already a fan of World of Warcraft, then chances are high that you also like Glorious Saga.

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