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Game of Thrones – On your way to the Iron Throne


All the fans of John Snow, Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen better listen up now. Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming is bringing the unique TV-series right onto your browser. And the best part: it’s absolutely free to play. Build your own kingdom, hire troops and fight your rivals to the bitter end. Will you have what it takes to conquer the Iron Throne?



Features of Game of Thrones


  • Westeros in 3D: You always wanted to explore the vast world of Westeros on your own? Now is your chance!
  • A team full of your favorites: In this officially licensed game you get the opportunity to form a unique band made of your favorite characters from the series.
  • Massive PvP-battles: Aside from upgrading your stronghold it is highly recommended to bring the fight to your foes. Awesome rewards are waiting for you.
  • Meet new people and potential allies: Get in touch with other fans of the series and form powerful alliances with players from all around the world.



Game concept


Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming is a real time strategy game that also includes city building and management elements. You begin by collecting resources and gold. Investing it into your hamlet will make it grow eventually, resulting in potential rewards rather sooner than later. Just shortly after you begin rising an army that that will eventually be become able to overpower your rivals.


Your army itself consists out of several different units, each having individual strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these will eventually give you the edge in battle. Only those that can adapt to the ever-changing conditions on the battlefield will emerge victorious.


Your quest for the throne


Once you started the game you will be greeted by a series of initial quests. Each of these quests introduces you to new mechanics and core concepts of the game. The rewards for finishing all these quests are different units, income or other valuable items that will eventually help you to get a head start against your competitors.


Form alliances and dominate your rivals


Rather sooner than later you will hit a point in the game in which it will become significantly easier when you begin working together with other players. Forming mighty alliances or joining one is the key to success. Not only do alliances provide additional income but it’s also quite handy to have a legion of other players covering your back.


Scout first, slay later


Before you initiate an all-out war on your foes, it is highly recommended to send a batch of scouts ahead. Knowing the army composition of your enemy is absolutely crucial in determining counter-strategies or eventually even realizing that maybe some other time will be more suitable for an attack.


Aside from the sheer unit sizes it’s also a matter of having the appropriate commanders for your troops – those are often represented by some of the main characters from the series and can provide unite buffs to your army. Something that you should not underestimate.


Maintain a strong economy


Having a massive army is nice and all that but not being able to maintain it properly sure isn’t. Therefore we can’t stress enough how important it is to have a solid economy as the backbone of your military endeavors. Having enough coin and enough food at all times is what distinguishes a good from an excellent general.



The Bottom Line


The official Game of Thrones browser game does not only bring us back the heroes that we love from the series it also does it with absolutely no cost involved. It is action-packed, has a lot of variety in characters and units and it is built on a solid foundation in terms of economy management and unit control. Those of you that always thought that they would’ve held Winterfell without losses or wanted to re-enact the battle of the bastards – this is definitely your type of game.

Play now for free !