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Forge of Empires – Lead your empire to everlasting fame!


Strategy Browser game – From the Stone Age to the High Middle Ages! The free-to-play browser blast Forge of Empires takes you back to the times of great kings and tribe leaders! With over a million registrations in the first two months after release, Forge of Empires is a real browser hit that we just had to try!



Features of Forge of Empires


  • Completely free: All you need in order to travel through the many important periods of history in Forge of Empires is a free registration and a browser.
  • Many eras: Lead your empire through many eras from the Stone Age to the High Middle Ages, and experience the world and weapon transformations from club to two-handed swords!
  • A great many tasks: As the leaders of your empires you’ll experience many adventures which will keep rewarding you with useful and powerful items.
  • Huge variety of units: From simple cottages to wonder of the world – Forge of Empires entices with a great variety of technologies and stages of expansion.
  • Always up to date: Even veterans of Forge of Empires will be kept permanently satisfied through regular updates and special events!



Game Concept of Forge of Empires


After the completely free registration with Forge of Empires you’ll be catapulted directly in the Stone Age, and from there you’ll be able to build your own empire! Your path to becoming the most powerful empire is paved with war and exciting adventures. Whether you’ll form alliances or come to success through war and dominance is completely up to you!


Many eras:


When you start off in Forge of Empires you won’t see an empire before your eyes. Your journey starts in the Stone Age, and you can choose only among a few buildings and units! In order to leave the primitive Stone Age behind you’ll have to complete a number of missions and research different technologies!


What’s especially cool is that each era comes with completely different buildings and units! These changes allow for a lot of diversity during gameplay. If in the beginning your subjects still live in cottages and wear the most primitive garments, later they’ll be citizens with nice clothes and stone houses. This is your path to becoming the most powerful empire of all times – journeying through many eras of history with the most different designs.


Keep your people happy:


Good rulers make time for their subjects’ daily concerns, of course. It’s one of your tasks to keep your people sufficiently fed at all times! Moreover, your citizens also need enough space to live in. If you neglect your subjects too much they’ll emigrate and leave you behind with an unpopulated empire!


Happy subjects also give you the advantage that they work more efficiently in your units and their research is also much better. Well-functioning research and economy are the foundation of a flourishing empire – so keep an eye on your subjects’ needs!


Interaction with other players:


As mentioned in the beginning, Forge of Empires has a huge player-base! The player can interact with the rulers of other empires in many ways. You decide if you fight other players on the battlefield, or if you prefer to make them your allies. Building alliances or guilds offers a whole lot of advantages besides the exchange of tips!


In a guild you can fight battles together, grow the production of your buildings, and even wage gigantic guild wars where the stake is power over whole continents. So choose your allies wisely, because diplomacy is an essential component of Forge of Empires!


A great many tasks:


Besides the daily chores of an empire ruler you will often receive special missions. You travel with your heroes in the neighboring areas and fight hordes of bandits, conquer new resources and permanently expand your area of influence!


You receive your missions through a special mission map. On this map you can see your empire and the neighboring areas. It’s a particularly fulfilling sensation to see how your empire keeps growing and thriving!


The fights with hordes of bandits are especially exciting and wonderfully integrated in the game, and when you’re fighting them the game turns on a special fight map in which you can operate to send your units in battle in rounds!



The Bottom Line


The guys from InnoGames delivered yet another blast of a browser game with Forge of Empires! InnoGames is known for titles such as “Tribal Wars” or “Grepolis” among others – so it’s no real surprise that Forge of Empires will soon be an addition to the classics of the browser games world.


Forge of Empires is a truly cohesive strategy game due to its range of possibilities, great implementation and historical background! Plus that it’s completely free to play and doesn’t need more than an easy registration! Why wait any longer? Check out the MMO game of the year 2013 today, and become ruler of the most powerful empire of all times!

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