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Elvenar – a wonderful place to rule and live in!


Fantasy browser game – Computer games in which the players assume full responsibility for a settlement or even for a big city was always one of our greatest weaknesses. With Elvenar, the free and brand new fantasy browser game developed by InnoGames we could finally test one of the most promising titles of the year. We already checked out the beta version in detail, and we can tell you about the current state of the game.



Features of Elvenar


  • Free fantasy browser game: This game is 100% free. Registration goes fast, then you can play directly in the web browser.
  • Sophisticated and extensive economy simulation: See to your economy and make sure your citizens enjoy wealth and prosperity.
  • Science gives you a head start: You can research powerful technologies, which are of great importance for the growth of your army and economy.
  • Explore the large world: In Elvenar you never know what you’ll find. Explore the huge play world, fight sneaky opponents and find rare relics.
  • Charming graphics and suitable sound backdrop: Elvenar has been programmed with a lot of attention to detail, and the graphic representation has its own special charm. The same applies for the sound backdrop.



Game Concept of Elvenar


As players in the free fantasy browser game Elvenar you’re responsible for each citizen who lives in your settlement. You can slip in the role of men and elves, and you have to take care of all its areas. You can grow your economy through efficient administration of resources.


If you explore the hidden areas around the settlement, you’ll encounter peril but also wealth. In order to become the most powerful ruler in entire Elvenar you must find the proper balance between your military and economic growth.


The economic basis:


In the free browser game Elvenar resources are especially important. In the beginning you only have your town hall, some money and some construction material, and you must start right away to transform your small patch of land into a flourishing settlement.


For this purpose you have to find the right balance between the satisfaction of your citizens, taxes, your economy and the strength of your army. This is no easy task, but a very exciting one. The developers of Elevenar really tried hard, and this is probably why this free browser game reminds us also of complex titles such as “The Settlers.” Certain actions in Elevenar need time, but the game is strongly based on popular classics of economy simulations.


Science brings power:


Among gunshots simple cutting knives don’t stand a chance. It’s similar in Elevenar. It’s essentially important that you stay ahead of your competitors and that you regularly improve your existing caserns and manufactories.


In order for that to work, you must research new technologies as soon as possible, such as iron processing. Through this technology you can make steel crossbow bolts. These are at their turn some of the main required objects in order to train crossbowmen.


The same applies for the civilian economy branches in Elvenar. Through technological advancements the total revenue increases, and so does your prosperity. The possibilities in Elvenar are diverse. The well-organized technology tree shows numerous different technologies, and you can switch it on little by little during the game.


Explore the interesting world and gather treasures:


One of the most important central features of the fantasy browser game Elvenar lies in the close proximity of your settlement. In the game you can send out scouts, who will explore the closest vicinity. In doing so you will probably meet other players and find treasures.


If you visit the discovered places you stand a great chance of finding rare relics or special resources, with which you can improve the development of your settlement.  So exploring your settlement’s surroundings is totally worth it.


The most valuable relics are often guarded by strong opponents whom you can simply bribe or – of course – fight. Let the computer fight for your or do it yourself. With some practice, your chances of winning without great loss are all the greater.



The Bottom Line


Elvenar, the free fantasy browser game, has a very special quality about it. It presents a very relaxed atmosphere in which you can sink completely. While you busy yourselves with your settlement you listen to the tones of really harmonious music.


During our test we lost track of time more than once. That’s a great sign, of course, and adds extra points in favor of the fantasy city-building game, which stayed long in the beta phase and has been thoroughly tested. This is easy to note in its final ready-to-go form as well, the game is stable and works accurately.


Elvenar has much more to offer besides the harmonious atmosphere, especially the huge technology tree, the complex economy system, the big play world and the exciting conflicts. You can become a respected merchant, refine your production art, and lead your troops to victory in exciting 3D-battles.

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