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Dragon Lord – The powerful dragon is rising


Role-playing game for the browser – Players’ home world is under siege, and on top of that an old dragon rose, determine to destroy it. The future is bleak, and the world needs a hero to ban the evil back to where it came from. In the free-to-play Dragon Lord players stand up to the most powerful evil of the skies, and fight to save the world.



Features of Dragon Lord


  • Free-to-play: All that players have to do is sign up, and they can start playing – this free fantasy role-playing game with all its contents is completely free-to-play.
  • Hybrid fighting system: Players choose a suitable strategy, and destroy their enemies step by step in exceptionally exciting fights.
  • Tame your own dragon: The great power of these ancient creatures with their fiery breath is something that players can tame for their own use.
  • Mounts and many other features: Besides the different unique mounts, the game world of Dragon Lord offers many other special characteristics and features.
  • Play directly in your browser: After signing up you can play Dragon Lord directly in your browser without having to download and install anything.



Game Concept of Dragon Lord


Regarding the game principle there aren’t many special particularities to talk about in the beginning. Like in most other online role-playing games, players have to create a character and grow in level, obtaining better equipment along the way.


In Dragon Lord players begin as blank page, so to say, and they have to earn their people’s respect. After they’ve won some reputation they get access to better equipment, more powerful skills and many additional options. With the help of all these things they can bring stronger enemies to their knees.


Diverse fighting system:


The fighting system of Dragon Lord is special, and it offers players a very useful hybrid option. Other role-playing games usually have a fully automated fighting system, which is easier, but doesn’t give players as many liberties in fighting.


Dragon Lord has found a middle way in matters of fighting system. On the one hand, some fight actions are automated, but on the other hand players can also control the fighting themselves. This combination makes a whole lot of sense, because later in the game the degree of difficulty increases by a lot, and it’s useful for players to take matters into their own hands.


Tame your own dragon:


A dragon is really an unusual ally in this game! The game world is being under threat by a dragon, and players are supposed to fight side by side with one of the fire-spitting monsters? You betcha! Not all dragons have been corrupted by the evil powers.


Many of the ancient saurian fight for the good, and they’re ready to offer players their power. With such a companion by your side you’ll be able to turn the battlefields and your enemies to ashes in no time. Only few of your enemies will be able to stand a chance against a fire-spitting dragon. If you clash with very powerful opponents, you can even strengthen your dragon with different power-ups.


Mounts and much more:


Besides the powerful dragons that count among the most important features of this role-play, there are many more available mounts in this game, and many more things to discover.


Thanks to a broad selection of special mounts and to many other features, the large game world is very diverse, and you surely won’t get bored easily. For a free role-play game Dragon Lord offers a whole lot, such as arena fights, mysterious dungeons and a rich upgrade system – really just as many contents as a paid title.


The many available features ensure the necessary complexity, on the one hand, and on the other hand they also provide rich gaming fun. Players can sink into the detailed game world for hours, and they will keep discovering something new. For players who love turning every stone, the free Dragon Lord is the ultimate tip.



The Bottom Line


All in all, the free fantasy MMORPG Dragon Lord makes a very good impression. Of course, the game doesn’t reinvent the wheel, and it does keep true to the many stereotypes from different legends, sagas and myths, but all this doesn’t affect the gaming fun in a bad way.


The exceptionally diverse fighting system as well as the possibility of taming dragons give this free role-playing game more than enough fire to keep players busy for quite a while. You surely won’t get bored playing Dragon Lord, the available contents are enough to fill entire months.


The selection of possible upgrades, mounts that you can unlock, and the countless little features is so broad that our review can’t possibly cover them all. Better see for yourself. Dragon Lord will let you experience everything but disappointment.

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