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The Settlers Online – Large-scale city-building simulation in familiar setting


Economy browser game – The free economy simulation for browsers The Settlers Online is the long awaited multiplayer browser version of the famous classic “The Settlers”. We tested for you whether the browser game version is as exciting as the series for the PC . . .



Features of The Settlers Online


  • Wonderful graphics: Thanks to the newest Flash Player The Settlers Online offers the usual bustle factor of the PC games also in the browser.
  • Production chains: The Settlers Online offers many different and large production and supply chains.
  • Battles: Despite the focus on economic circuits, The Settlers Online also offers fight units and possibilities of expanding your kingdom.
  • Exciting tasks: The Settlers Online has an exciting quest system that will keep putting you in the face of new challenges.
  • Social components: The Settlers Online makes for social interaction through trade, chat, secret missions, present system and co-op mode.



Game Concept of The Settlers Online


The Settlers Online is set in a fictitious world that gives you a lot of space and possibility of building large circuits for goods, beautiful cities and of expanding your kingdom. Here is a crisp summary of this game’s best characteristics:


First steps:


The free browser game The Settlers Online is divided in a number of worlds and map fragments. As new settler you begin on your own small island, a big part of which hasn’t been discovered yet and that is covered by fog. Step by step you build a village, you erect woodcutters, sawmills, residential houses and the first supply chains in order to be able to produce new buildings and units.


As soon as you’ve taken the first steps you explore the rest of the island in your first missions, you discover new resources and expand your kingdom by driving away barbarian settlements.


Wonderful graphics:


The most famous part of The Settlers series was “The Settlers II – Veni, Vidi, Vici.” The main particularity of the series since that was the incredible bustle factor. This impressed players around the world through detailed animations, which are crafted with a lot of attention to design up to the last detail and to the smallest settler.


The city-building simulation for the browser The Settlers Online also follows this bustle factor. The players explore the carefully designed island world with full-animated beings, beaches, coasts, woods and bustling units.


Play with others:


Besides building your own kingdom and beautiful cities, The Settlers Online also offers a lot of space to come into contact with other players. You can trade products at the market, you can visit other players on their islands and make presents, you can boost, spy or even sabotage production.


You can also form clans and guilds in The Settlers Online, and you can even chat directly with each other. Apart from these particularities of the game you also have many thematic events such as Easter and Christmas specials.


Multiple awards:


The Settlers Online is one of the first online browser games that remained one of the players’ favorites over the years. Player support and the considerable events and add-ons are particularly worthy of praise, since they count among the main factors that make the free browser game stand out among the many others.


Until now The Settlers Online has already received 9 different awards, among which Gamestar-Award category Best Browser Game, as well as PC Games Reader’s Choice category Browser Game of the year 2011, and the MMO of the year – Audience Awards categories Best Strategy Browser MMO and Best Community Relations in 2012 and 2013.



The Bottom Line


The free economy simulation for the browser The Settlers Online is a browser game crafted with a lot of attention to detail which wins you over through the familiar setting and the famous bustle factor. It has beautiful graphics worthy of praise for a browser game.


The gameplay also grips the player through simple structures that make the start in the game smooth and easy even without prior knowledge of the games. We think that The Settlers Online can make fans of the old Settlers very happy, but that it can turn new players into Settlers fans as well.

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