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Cuisine Royale – Cooking grenades


Battle Royales have become one of the most successful genres in the recent years. Not surprising that everyone wants to cook up their own these days. Something that initially started as a joke, became suddenly an unexpected hit in the gaming community. The free to play shooter Cuisine Royale puts you into combat with 35 other cooks in a survival match that the world hasn’t seen before.



Features of Cuisine Royale


  • Competitive Gameplay: Fight up against 35 other competitors and emerge victorious.
  • Kitchen warfare: Wearing a cooking pot as a helmet, a wok as a chestpiece and other wacky household items is not unusual in this kitchen parody of other Battle Royale titles.
  • Aquire gear and dominate the battleground: Once you enter the battlegrounds of Cuisine Royale it’s time to get going – and fast. Rush for the most valuable loot in order to get an edge over your opponents.
  • Tasty outfits: To further individualize your character and to slay in style, you get the opportunity to literally cook up new clothes for your character. How neat is that?



Game Concept of Cuisine Royale


Once you signed up for this free to play adventure, you are good to go. In principle Cusine Royale is pretty similar to other Battle Royale games. You spawn in, you grab a gun and some armor and then you lay the smack down onto your foes. Simple as that!


Well, not really but you get the idea. Being the last cook standing by the end of the round nets you a fat reward and should you get hurt along the way then simply try to pick up some of the snacks that are scattered all over the world in Cuisine Royale. After all, you’re still a cook – you should know how to improvise!


What is a Battle Royale?


Actually, it’s relatively simple. You start out by being thrown into a battleground with up to 35 other players and then it’s a fight to the death – until the last cook is left standing. Collect guns, armor and other items that provide an advantage and can get you out of a tough spot.


Eliminating a foe grants you access to his items, resulting in a significant boost to your chances of survival. Another thing to note is that the map becomes smaller and smaller – forcing players inevitably into each other. Positioning and map awareness are crucial in that regard. A good position, like high ground for example, is something that can decide between victory and defeat.


An appealing alternative to Fortnite and Co.


Battle Cuisine is a welcome addition to the pool of Battle Royale titles. It is not only completely free to play but also has quite unique origin story. The game started as a wacky april fool’s joke and eventually rose to such popularity that the developers decided to turn the joke into a real game.


The result is an action-packed shooter that is more or less a parody of the genre and a good one at that too.


Play with your friends


Cuisine Royale has three different game modes. You can either play on your own, with a partner or with up to four others on the same team. To make sure that things are running smoothly, the servers the game provides are among the fastest in the European region and guarantee for a fun and fair gaming environment.


Drive by shooting


In order to avoid the dreaded circle that keeps shrinking the battlefield, you have to get fast from one point to another. The best way to do that is by utilizing one of the many cars that are scattered all over the battleground. Driving at full speed while the edges of the circle threaten to damage or potentially kill you is exactly the thrill that we want from a good battle royale title.



The Bottom Line


Cuisine Royale is a wacky alternative to some of the dozens of other battle royales out there and it delivers tons of compelling arguments for playing it. Starting with the outright hilarious loadouts, like cooking pot helmets and such, the game offers solid gameplay while being absolutely free to play. There is literally no reason to not give this game at least a try.

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