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CrossOut – Build your own personal hell machine!


Post-apocalyptic shooter / MMO action game – Everyone to battle! The free-to-play MMO-shooter by the renowned Gaijin Entertainment will immediately make you think of a post-apocalyptic version of the popular War Thunder on steroids! Players build the craziest fight machines and fight in a post-apocalyptic game world full of madness and destruction.



Features of CrossOut


  • Completely free: Playing will be a whole lot of fun! Players sign up with a free account, download the game client and the action can begin!
  • Unique war machines: Players can build their own war machines and use them to bring devastation on the competitive battlefields of CrossOut.
  • The damage model is exquisite: Shoot your enemies’ tires, cannons and chains to threads—each hit will have an effect, and it’ll eliminate different modules and machines.
  • Great market feature: Players can exchange the modules or parts they don’t need on the in-game market of CrossOut, and they can also search for particularly valuable parts.
  • The battles are gripping: CrossOut is an exciting game with classical battles like in the popular War Thunder, but also with super crazy machines created by the players themselves!



Game Concept of CrossOut


The free game CrossOut plays out in the distant future. In this future most people have perished, succumbed to a mysterious pestilence. There’s no more law and order, only madness and chaos!


Almost just like in the popular World of Tanks or War Thunder, players begin in a garage. CrossOut is very much different from the most popular titles because players can design their own war machines, and build them individually! The results are tanks, jeeps, and even hovercrafts!


In every exciting battle you can get yourself many cool parts. If you’re one for the diverse enjoyment of heated battles and fun handicraft, sign up with a free account. After you’ve installed the game, nothing can stand in the way of exciting action!


The war machine is unique:


As we mentioned above, in the free game CrossOut players can design their own machines. What does this mean, exactly? Every player can decide if they want to use chains, tires or floating gear. In matters of weapons players can also choose if they want mini guns, classic machine guns, heat-searching rockets or powerful tank cannons.


There are huge differences in matters of armouring: you can build huge tanks or easy-to-steer, light weapon platforms. We’re totally in awe at this huge freedom in the game!


The damage model is exquisite:


An excellent damage model is extremely important in an action game in which players are mostly busy destroying enemy vehicles! The developers know this, and that’s why you can eliminate different modules of the enemy machines.


For example, you can shoot your opponent’s tires or bomb their weapons! Still, you shouldn’t jump into battle blindly, because your opponents can also do the same to your vehicle. During our test we’ve had to keep ourselves above the water for long periods of time with completely demolished vehicles. But it’s sure a crazy feeling, bombing your opponents with your last resources and seeing them go out in flames.


The exciting market feature:


After only a short time players will discover that in the free game CrossOut there are almost countless vehicle parts available. Whether you’re looking for stronger weapons, better armour, new gear or a powerful battering ram, you’ll find the right parts on the integrated market.


If you have certain parts twice you can make the spare parts into money and thereby make enough money to buy new parts that you need. The different parts in CrossOut have different rarity degrees, just like in online role-playing games. This way you’ll have even more fun collecting the especially powerful or rare items!


The battles are exciting:


Despite all these cool features, the main elements of CrossOut are the heated battles! Players fight in visually convincing surroundings against other players, in a way similar to War Thunder.


Thanks to the great number of crazy vehicles the free game CrossOut is even more dynamic than typical battles with normal tanks. There are many special vehicle types such as daredevil battering rams, which prevent long searching from the beginning. This is why you should keep your eyes and ears open at all times—you’ll regularly get surprises.



The Bottom Line


A mix of post-apocalyptic Mad Max and exciting battles like in War Thunder! The free-to-play MMO shooter CrossOut brings a new vibe to the genre. Players design completely individual vehicles, and fight exciting battles against many other players.


There are no limits to fantasy in matters of spare parts and how to put them together! Floating mini gun tanks are just as possible as heavy rocket platforms. As the game unfolds, players will be able to unlock many new spare parts, and they can exchange the ones they don’t need directly with other players.


We were really impressed, and we can only recommend that you check out this free MMO shooter right away!

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