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Big Farm

Big Farm – Online farm is searching for a gamer!


You’d like to be a farmer, but you don’t have either the time or enough space to run real agriculture? Then slip into the role of a true farmer in the free game Big Farm. You can manage your own farm and everything that comes with it. The direct successor of Goodgame Farmer offers its players even more entertainment, and more cuddly animals too. Does Big Farm keep all its promises? We tested the online game for you, and we went into detail.



Features of Big Farm


  • Cute graphics: The sweet comic-book graphics with the detailed animations of farm animals, plants and buildings have a special kind of charm.
  • There are complex products: The economy system is very complex, and puts countless products and production levels at the players’ disposal.
  • Many buildings: Expect many production buildings with different particularities and varied exploitation levels.
  • Breed animals and grow plants: Breed your own animals and grow your plants. Fulfill your employees’ individual wishes.
  • Exciting and varied tasks: Many quests, tasks and regular events diversify the game routine in Big Farm.
  • The game is free of violence and suited for the young: This game is completely free of violence and suitable for players of all ages.



Game Concept of Big Farm


In this free farm-building game the players slip into the role of hard-working farmers, and they have to manage and expand their farm. Now, this may sound easy, but it’s anything but. The players must fulfill different tasks, and they need a suitable strategy as well as the necessary skill. Here we summarized some of the best features of Big Farm for you.


Daily life on the farm:


One day on the farm is anything but children’s play. You must organize the farm, fields and production buildings, harvest the crops and feed the animals. You must also sell your own products and goods at the market, and make profit.


The money you earn you can either invest in new animals, or you can sow new vegetables and fruit. If the animals are well tended to, they will also reproduce, and soon little rabbits or piglets will be swarming all over your screen.


Useful helpers:


Sure, the players don’t have to do all these things alone. In Big Farm you have many different farm helpers and workers at your disposal, whom you can distribute productively around the farm and in production buildings. Of course, the employees have their own needs that you must see to.


If your workers aren’t happy, they can strike or they work less, making your productivity in some buildings and farms drop. You must always keep in mind that only happy workers are also hard working.


The farmer community creates advantage for the players:


Big Farm is a classical builder browser game, so there’s no war or fights between players. But alliances with other gamers still make a lot of sense. Participants in farmer communities benefit from certain team advantages that can prove very useful in production.


For example, there are tasks in which players must produce a certain amount of fruit in a given timeframe, which is of course a lot easier in team. Through alliances you meet other players and form friendships. Then your friends come to visit your farm and help improve the productivity of different buildings.


Big Farm is suitable for everyone:


The free browser game Big Farm is a particularly complex and graphically sophisticated farm manager. Beyond the really finely tuned economy, trade and goods system the players can have a lot of fun tending to their crops, erecting and enhancing buildings and breeding many farm animals and different plants.


Moreover, the online farm game is completely violence-free and therefore suitable for beginners and younger children.



Useful tips & tricks for the farm game


  • It’s best to process your raw products into high-quality products first. With these you can get higher prices on the market.
  • Always make sure that your workers are happy. This way your operating costs can drop significantly.
  • You should log in to Big Farm at least once a day, and complete tasks. This way you make money a lot faster.
  • In the beginning make sure you save the money, and buy yourselves a water tower. The water tower will do a lot to improve your farm.
  • You should probably pass on decorations such as ornamental plants at first. They cost a lot of money and aren’t of any use to you in the game.



The Bottom Line


With Big Farm, the developer Goodgame Studios brought us a very good free farm browser game. It’s definitely a worthy successor of Goodgame Farmers. The free building game offers really cute graphics and intuitive controls and maneuvering, but also much more.


Big Farm ensures really good entertainment in the long run, and constantly motivates. It’ll never get boring on the farm. We can totally recommend Big Farm to casual players as well as to players in almost any age group who are looking for a fun alternative to the fight-oriented games out there.

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