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Rakshasa – Welcome to the spirit realm


MMO – With summer slowly fading we were in the mood for something bright this time around. Didn’t take us long though to find something that seemed pretty shiny. Today we go our hands on Rakshasa, a recently released free to play MMO that takes place in a vibrant world which is heavily inspired the colorfulness of anime tropes. Here is our report.



Features of Rakshasa


  • Free-to-play: Just sign up once and you are good to go. Rakshasa is absolutely free-to-play.
  • A visual treat: Embrace a vibrant and huge world full of things to explore and places to go to.
  • Become stronger, become better: Empower your character beyond its limits and customize in any way you like.
  • PvP-Combat: Measure your power with your rivals and engage in thrilling PvP tournaments.



Game Concept of Rakshasa


Rakshasa is best described as an action-packed MMO with strong influences from current anime tropes. Starting out as a rookie character you are plunged into a realm in which people and spirits live together.


A place that ordinary people can’t get to. Well, thank god you aren’t ordinary, because once you got settled in Rakshasa, you will become something is pretty far from your average human being. With each level you made you will unlock more powerful abilities, find new gear and will grow in overall strength.


A needed change because there is much to explore and places to go to. Some of them hold wondrous treasures, others are guarded by fierce monstrosities and only those daring enough will be able to leave their mark in the world of Rakshasa.


A visual treat:


One of Rakshasa’s strongest selling points is its visual appearance. This is a game that fully embraced its anime background and simply did a great job at reproducing compelling landscapes, characters and flashy combat animations.


No matter if you’re simply exploring the world or are stuck in tough combat scenarios, this game knows to deliver. Even as a rookie character we already had access to some quite devastating abilities that can show for themselves, such as attacks that were covering the whole screen, engulfing our foes in a hail of death and destruction.


Once we progressed a bit and got access to an even wider arsenal of abilities and attacks, things became pretty ridiculous – obviously in a good sense. We can’t say much more at this point without spoiling the fun but once you tried it out you will most likely realize what we’re trying to say here.


Become stronger, become better:


Rakshasa invites you to continuously improve your player character. Whereas beginners only can do so much about their appearance, gear or even companions, veterans will be able to fully customize the overall stats of their avatar.


Gear and weapons are only one of the many features that allow for customization, but there is also a broad selection of followers that you can hire in order to form powerful war bands that will allow you to adapt to any given scenario.


Assign critical roles to these hirelings and positions your players character in accordance. Those who mastered these tactical features will be the ones who will eventually overpower foes who might seem too powerful in the first place.


Who is the strongest?


Aside from the countless PvE-Features, Rakshasa also has a lot to provide for PvP-enthusiasts. Engage in fierce player versus player combat and put your skills to the ultimate test.


Facing off against real players will force you to overthink your strategies and things that worked fine against monsters will potentially turn out to be useless against players that can adapt to your tactics.


These battles are more often won by wits and even though a strong setup and gear are a good thing to have, they aren’t a failsafe to victory. As tough as it sounds the rewards do make up for it. Win big in massive PvP tournaments and cement your position as one of the top PvP-competitors in Rakshasa.



The Bottom Line


Rakshasa is a game that manages to provide two very compelling arguments for itself. One the one hand you have the massive world that is simply filled up to the brim with vibrant life, interesting scenery and flashy animations, which aren’t limited to combat.


On the other hand you have this huge combat system that can be automated if you want to leisurely farm currency but also allows for in-depth strategy, especially needed in PvP environments. The latter are really a big thing in Rakshasa, since the rewards make every minute of time invested worthwhile and while it feels great to overpower a massive monsters, it feels way more accomplishing to win a straight up duel with a rival.


So if PvP is something you enjoy, then we can almost guarantee that you will enjoy Rakshasa. If you are more into PvE content then that is also fine, because there is still plenty of that in this game as well. Rakshasa really seems to have it all.

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