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League of Angels 3 – Back into the heated battle


MMORPG – The eternal conflict between the powerful angels and the terrible dragons is up for round three. The newest title in this popular free series of browser games is League of Angels 3. We took a close look at this new release of the series that has been so successful since its release in 2013 until now.



Features of League of Angels 3


  • Free-to-play: All you have to do is sign up, and you can jump right into the game. League of Angels 3 is free to play.
  • Form your own party: In this game you’ll encounter many unique characters that you can win over for your cause. This way you’ll be strong enough to take on the hardest challenges.
  • Excellent visuals: League of Angels 3 has wonderful 3D graphics and totally stands out from the mass.
  • There are many extra tasks to solve: Thanks to the countless tasks and possibilities, both PVP and PVE fans will love this one—there’s so much to discover!
  • Tactical fights: Like its forerunners, League of Angels 3 gives you round-based fights with great tactical diversity.



Game Concept of League of Angels 3


The newest title in this internationally successful MMORPG game series will be interesting for both “old hats” as well as for beginners in the genre. This third free browser game uses the same popular fighting system, but with strongly improved 3D graphics.


You have to defeat countless hoards of opponents, and defend against blood-riddled demons and monsters. Every single fight is an experience in itself, and it can bring a lot of riches and earn you valuable experience points. Every fight makes you stronger, and you’re able to equip your heroes better.


Only those players who make the best of their characters will be able to successfully face the dangers that riddle the world of League of Angels 3.


Form your own party:


It’s not easy to become successful as a hero. You have to keep fighting terrible monsters and you can lose your footing pretty fast. Luckily, in the free League of Angels 3 you don’t have to do everything by yourself, you can get help.


During the game you’ll meet many unique characters, and you can win most of them over to your side. Whether Mage, Healer or Tank, you have many possibilities. When you form a party of many characters, you can also individualize your playing style.


If you put a Tank at the forefront, then you can run your attacks from the back rows without worrying about opponents attacking you directly from the front.


Excellent visuals:


In 2013 League of Angels was already a game that could impress with its visuals, and now, 5 years later, it’s taking things even further! Now, in 2018, this free title is probably one of the most impressive browser games visually.


You’ll notice that from the very first second. Unlike with its forerunners, the developers placed a lot of emphasis on impressive 3D graphics. This way, even the simplest attacks make a difference, and after you’ve made your way through the first levels, you’ll notice that you can swing your sword or magic staff around with much more ease and dexterity.


Besides the cool fighting effects, the developers also focused on the world and character design, which they’ve improved considerably, delivering a very attractive-looking whole package.


There are many extra tasks and mini games:


In this browser game there’s a lot to discover besides the main story campaign. That was true for the first part of this series, and it’s the same in this third one. Besides the known features such as the arena mode that will make PvP enthusiasts happy, League of Angels 3 offers many new play modes.


You can fight other players for domination over valuable mines, or you can keep facing challenges at the tree of life. If you’re looking for a browser game in which you can immerse yourself completely, you’ll love League of Angels 3.


Tactical fights:


Despite the considerably improved visuals and the many new features, the developers focused on round-based fighting in League of Angels 3 as well. This fighting system has established itself over the years, and offers players a wide range of tactical possibilities.


Combined with the battle party that you can assemble individually, consisting of different characters and class, the fighting will bring a lot of tension and keep bringing you new challenges. You have to ready yourself for different types of opponents, and adapt to their skills. Of one thing you can be certain—fighting in League of Angels 3 will never get boring.



The Bottom Line


League of Angels is one of the most famous and popular game series. This success story started out in 2013, and continued seamlessly into 2018. When creating this game, the developers forwent bells and whistles, and focused on the essentials.


You’ll get fabulous visuals, a beginner-friendly gameplay and a wide range of extra tasks and activities. League of Angels 3 is the best and visually most impressive part in the series to date, and that’s why we recommend it with an open heart. League of Angels 3 is definitely worth more than just a visit for both beginners as well as for experienced MMORPG players!

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